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  1. Hahaha. Peter, anyone who is _not_a Brit but who follows international news will definitely understand this. Oh, this is damning.

  2. I first saw this video, Peter, on the Guardian article on the array of internet spoofs of Clegg’s apology. It really is pure comedy gold, isn’t it? I suspect that this may well go down as the moment that Nick Clegg’s leadership of the
    LibDems effectively ended, when he shifted from just being one of the most hated men in the UK to being a ludicrous figure of fun.
    The most damning indictment for me, however, is that the original
    video sends itself up far, far better than any of the admittedly very good
    spoofs. The hokey message, Clegg’s puppy-dog eyes and the layers of ‘sincerity’
    with plenty of eye contact, all tell us that this is a man still locked into his
    ‘I agree with Nick’ hype of the 2010 election campaign. One of the videos in the Guardian article had Zeffereli’s ‘Romeo
    and Juliet’ theme attached to it. This is so appropriate and plays so well as a spoof as Clegg’s video ‘apology’ is pure unadulterated schmaltz …

    ‘But more importantly, most importantly of all, you need to learn from your

    But it’s at this point that the video becomes so cringeworthy that I almost felt sorry for the guy. Does
    Clegg honestly believe that primary school homilies are going to play with the
    electorate? A start with any genuine apology might be to not treat the
    electorate as particularly dense seven year olds! Clegg is a perfect politician for the post-modern age – all surface presentation, no real content!

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