Year: 2013

The Archbishop’s Remarks this morning

No, not the Thought for the Day but the interview afterwards. The reality is that where you have a good vicar you will find growing churches. … [The church] needs to be very flexible in how it engages locally and

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The Problem with Uganda

My dear readers, there is a problem with Uganda. Last week the Ugandan Parliament passed a bill that outlawed homosexual activity. Over four years in the offing, the private members bill is now in front of the President for final

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2014 – The Anglicans to Watch

Following on from last year, here’s my top ten Anglicans who I believe will have an impact on the Church of England in 2014 (and beyond). For some it may be for things that will happen over the next twelve

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To You this Day is Born a Saviour

We were fortunate enough to have Justin Welby preach at our church last Sunday. Here’s his cracking sermon.

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The Mission of Christmas

One of the staggering things about Christmas is the number of people you get through your church doors. Normally quiet congregations can suddenly become bustling bodies of eager anticipation for a bit of old-time religion. And unlike funerals, weddings and

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Liberation. 24 years ago we watched as a revolution unfolded in Romania. Here is the story of liberation. Watch how the cross and its people are at the centre of what happened. Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a

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