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  1. Excellent debate! Very well said, Peter. I’m glad you brought up the Ugandan martyrs.

    What a treat to listen to a debate on this contentious issue without people shouting across and interrupting each other all the time. I was quite impressed with the Chairman, too, who seemed to have a good grasp of the issues, and was fair to both sides.

    What did not surprise me was that the LGBT representative John Blowers turned the whole issue into a personal one. This has been a very successful ploy in the whole area of human sexuality. People do not like to appear hard-hearted, and so cave in.

    • King Mwanga’s treatment of the Ugandan martyrs was undoubtedly and appallingly wicked, but there is no more reason for it to determine our attitude to gay bishops than for the late, great Sir Jimmy Savile’s activities to determine our attitude to straight bishops.

    • Or perhaps it’s because personal testimony is a good way to negate pernicious stereotypes. If only there wasn’t still people, in the Year of Our Lord 2013,
      comparing gay people to shit-eating paedophiles eh?

        • Come now Peter, I’m on record as saying that Jill may well be a wonderful human being in many aspects of her life. Your blog your rules – so I’ll happily drop the matter, but for the record I strongly disagree that objecting to homophobic stereotypes is an ad hom-style offence against serious discourse. I’d hazard a guess that you would not be ok with ”black lifestyle” or ‘Jew lifestyle’ dehumanising generalisations on this blog. I’ll admit I’m occasionally a bit stereotypical when referring to evangelicals – but of course ‘middle-class’ is hardly an innacurate characterisation of your average evangelical, and in any case middle-class is hardly a bad thing (I’d love to be middle-class! assuming they do Boden in XXL ;)) . Compare and contrast with Jill’s anti-gay generalisations that portray them as shit-eating paedophiles. That said, I’ll drop the matter, sorry for any hassle inadvertently caused.

  2. I thought it was well conducted too, though I’d have said Savi and you were the most engaged of the debaters. I see Alison Ruoff thinks her position is unassailable but it really isn’t if you study the Bible with any degree of attention to scholarship. Still using the word ‘liberal” to mean mistaken, cherry picking or just plain dishonest, I see….ummm.

    PS Is the Brendan Cole who chaired it the same person as the dancer in Strictly? I thought I detected as slight Kiwi twang….

    • Thanks Tom – it was a well conducted debate and Brendan did a good job of moving the conversation around and also forwards.

      Not the same Brendan Cole as the dancer!

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