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I got into a Twitter conversation a few days ago when I shared with someone that even though my politics were essentially centre-right socially conservative, I did appreciate some explicitly left-wing music, citing Billy Bragg as an example. So, here are three political songs that are well written and that I appreciate, even if I don’t endorse.

For those who don’t know this one, The Farm’s “Altogether Now” was a 1991 anti Gulf War song

Interestingly, all the above are left-wing. For balance, here’s some Austrian music about restoring the monarchy. You may recognise the artist.

Over to you. Do you have any favorite political music? Let us know below (and YouTube URLs will handily embed the video).

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  1. Here’s a couple of Little Guy ones that I remember.

    From 2009, a Letter to Peter Mandelson from Dan Bull, at the time when New Lab were trying to suppress downloading in a very heavy handed way.

    And here’s a Lib Dem one from 2010, on the Election that Never Was.

    Crudely done, but interesting because it was turned round in a couple of hours from the announcement and caught the news cycle.


  2. For political songs, I love Simon & Garfunkel. Most powerful is He Was My Brother. Given recent poltiical tensions, The Sun Is Burning comes to mind too.

    For a slightly more modern song, Tracy Chapman’s Subcity is as beautiful a song as it is as acute.

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