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Internet Presence

Following on from my post yesterday, I thought it might be interesting to reflect on what is appropriate internet presence for a member of the clergy, whether it’s social media, a website, email style etc. This is also in the

How NOT to Train Up a Child

A little storm is beginning to brew on twitter tonight about a book that Amazon UK is selling. It’s called To Train up a Child and it is one of the most pernicious little excuses for violence against children that

Sorting Online Abuse – Vicky Beeching

Go over to Vicky’s site to read her experiences of online (and offline) stalking and why she’s taking a stand. Many of us women have had to normalise online abuse. Obviously it goes to a totally different and criminal level

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Malicious Website Alert!!!

Or not (as the case may be). Let’s explore shall we. On the 21st of July, Anglican Mainstream sent out an email that said the following: A new article was posted on Anglican Mainstream today that linked to a website

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