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Church in Wales – Homosexuality

Find below the report from the Standing Doctrinal Commission of the Church in Wales on Same-Sex Partnership. Report Executive Summary Procedural Note I’ll post a fuller analysis later, but two things stick out straight away. First, the report has an

Celibate Relationships

A quick thought. We don’t say people make monastic vows are somehow doing something inferior by ruling out marriage. If a civil partnership is made together with a public vow of celibacy, then the closest analogy is with religious communities.

Response from Church of England

OK, so it’s not the official response, but it comes from the Director of Communications so it’s pretty good. @thechurchmouse @PeterOuld @edwardmalnick @John_Bingham its pure nonsense. all drafts to date have recommended against liturgy for these. — Arun Arora (@RevArun)

The Path After Pilling

Folks, this is an important blog post. If possible, I would like you to share it as widely as possible. Pilling – What Will Happen I have now confirmed from a number of sources what the Pilling Report is going


It’s County Council Election time in the the UK folks! Me : What is your candidate’s view on same sex marriage? Canvasser : We believe any two people who love each other should be able to marry M: So you

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Predictably Irrational?

Andrew Goddard has a stonking piece out on Fulcrum on “Men and Women”. There has been little or no new serious theological reasoning advanced as to why the original view of the bishops about civil partnerships was wrong.  Without that being offered, there

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