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James Parker’s Testimony

It’s powerful stuff. I guess I became straight by accident. It was never a grand plan; the therapy was an attempt to resolve commitment issues, rather than sexual identity. I never had any desire to change my sexuality. But that’s

ACC “Bans” Reparative Therapy

In an extraordinary move the Association of Christian Counsellors in the UK has asked its members not to conduct reparative therapy. In December 2012, ACC made a statement to its members supporting and clarifying our ethical framework. The Board has

On the Buses

News today that Core Issues are seeking a judicial review after Stonewall and Transport for London appear to flout a recent high court ruling. A traditionalist Christian group has lodged papers at the High Court attempting to force Transport for

Drama Therapy at the Secret Synod

Yesterday’s General Synod session on Women Bishops was held in secret. Sorry, in private. Well, in secret. Well, the general public wasn’t allowed to watch certainly. You make your mind up. Anyway, one of the things that went on in

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