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Vaughan Roberts – A Battle I Face

It speaks for itself. Julian: Vaughan, earlier this year your book Battles Christians Face was republished in a fifth anniversary edition. You added a new preface which included these words: This ‘is the most personal of my books, partly … because I

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Unveiling Grace

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Hooked on the Truth

Aviad Cohen began his music career as 50Shekel but a number of years ago discovered Jesus. Now he continues to make music but this time focussed on the fulfilment of God’s Word to his people. Here’s more of his story.

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Martin Bashir on Rob Bell

As a follow-up to his interview on MSNBC of Rob Bell, Martin Bashir was himself interviewed on the Paul Edwards programme about that interview. Awesome listening as Bashir demonstrates how Bell consistently misquotes and takes out of context key sections

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Stephanie Swift – Testimony

Just excellent. H/T X3Church.

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Giles Fraser massacres Scripture yet again

Whilst listening to Radio 4 this morning I heard an unbelievable slaughtering of God’s word by our favourite Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral. In an attack on scape-goating he manages to quote Scripture to make one point when the very

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