The Ten Best

PodiumThis is a slightly indulgent post. I want to compile a list of my ten best posts, the entries that best summarise what I’m trying to say on this website.

If you could nominate below that would be really helpful. You can just nominate one post, a few or ten.

Thanks for your help.

10 Comments on “The Ten Best

  1. Definitely the one where you suggest ways in which those within the Church upholding particular doctrinal positions can come to terms with the various changes we have seen in the secular realm of late while remaining true to their conscience.

    Trouble is after a quick search, I can’t find it :( If my vague summary above doesn’t ring any bells, then I will keep looking!!

  2. You certainly need to include one of your “let’s look honestly at the research” posts – where both sides of the debate are critiqued for abusing the data in favour of ‘their’ viewpoint. This is one of your great strengths Peter.

  3. You will also, I think, need a post in which the Scriptural prohibition on same sex behaviour is clearly outlined. That will be an important ‘baseline’ post, which the other posts assume. You’ve done some good work on why the conservative position isn’t simply about “7 texts” but actually an outworking of the whole Bible’s theology of gender and marriage.

    You *might* also want to include some exegetical work on the key texts in question, but possibly that need not make your top 10.

  4. Last comment (maybe): if you want a top 10 that authentically summarises the purpose of this website, then you might need to include something about Dr Who playing strange Austrian music while predicting an election.

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