Updated Alexa Table

This post updates a previous table from 6 months ago, showing the Alexa rankings of various Anglican related websites. I’m working on a “live” table like the one for the Twurch of England, but for the moment it’s static.

I’ve limited sites to those with Ranks of 5,000,000 or less and I show movements since the start of the year. Please comment below if you know any other sites that should be included.

The table ignores sites that I think should be in the table, but for which no appropriate data is available.

Position Website Alexa Traffic Rank
1 Episcopal Church Official Site 179,668 â–²1
2 Stand Firm in Faith 213,348 â–¼1
3 Titus One Nine 264,542 â–²1
4 Church Times 326,621 â–¼1
5 Virtue Online 340,803
6 Archbishop Cranmer 355,424 New
7 An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy 441,518 â–²8
8 Episcopal Café 484,611 ▲2
9 MidWest Conservative Journal 502,333 â–¼2
10 Sydney Anglicans 515,484 â–¼3
11 Perpetua of Carthage 532,772 â–¼5
12 BabyBlueCafe 627,098 â–¼3
13 Anglican Mainstream 822,641 â–¼2
14 Anglican Curmudgeon 886,968 â–¼2
15 Thinking Anglicans 1,116,572 â–¼2
16 David Ould 1,154,361 â–²7
17 The Archbishop of Canterbury 1,205,248 New
18 Covenant Communion 1,220,249 â–²1
19 Bishop Alan Wilson 1,328,245 â–¼5
20 Northern Plains Anglicans 1,378,174 â–¼4
21 Preludium 1,482,269 â–¼1
22 George Conger 1,584,524 â–¼1
23 Fulcrum 1,588,306 â–¼6
24 Maggi Dawn 1,773,604 New
25 The Church Mouse 1,775,582 New
26 Susan Russell 1,931,730 â–¼4
27 Gentle Wisdom 2,252,820 â–¼8
28 GAFCON 2,765,643 New
29 Integrity USA 2,887,716 â–¼1
30 Integrity Blog 3,041,363 â–¼1
31 St. Aidan to Abbey Manor 3,235,961 New
32 The Ugley Vicar 3,361,033 â–¼7
33 Anglican TV 3,589,308 â–¼6
34 Bishop Nick Baines’ Blog 3,732,710 New
35 Gadget Vicar 3,848,714 New
36 Anglican Communion Office 3,964,686 New
37 Cranmer’s Curate 4,445,707 New
38 Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans 4,540,281 New

As an egotistical aside, there’s still one site written from either an explicitly gay or post-gay perspective that is streets ahead of the others. And look how much it’s gone up the table!

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  • Well done to the Ould clan!

    Are some of these actually blogs? Fulcrum is an online journal with discussion forums, Anglican Mainstream doesn't take comments at all and mainly recycles news items from other sources. I wouldn't call either of them a blog, but then maybe I'm too much a purist. Think I'll set up the Fellowship of Blogging Anglicans and not invite them….. ;-)

    • The table is not limited to blogs (eg, the number one position isn't a blog).

      I've added you into the table. Anybody else?

      • Sorry, it's that 'Blogs' at the top of the 2nd column that threw me…. !! Thanks – you could add Dave Walkers CT blog, Church Mouse, probably loads of others that I can't think of right now. How about the official CofE site?

        • What do you mean “Blogs”? It says “Website”. It's always said “Website”. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.


        • The Church Times Blog doesn't come up as a separate site, and the same with the Church of England site – it gets subsumed into the anglican.org domain. Church Mouse has been added though.

    • Wow. How on earth did that happen? I find it hard to believe that I get more traffic than Alan Wilson or FULCRUM, for heaven's sake!

  • Glad to see Cranmer's Curate popping into the list. He has some good thoughts and gets 'em across in a short, punchy way.

    • His Grace is also glad to see that his curate is doing well.

      But where is His Grace?

      Or has the pupil surpassed the master?

      • An error on the part of his Grace’s servant. It has been duly rectified.

        To err is human, to forgive?

        • Of course.


          But this is a curious ranking.

          What is the source of the ‘traffic rank’?

          There is no counter to which His Grace has subscribed which provides a figure of 355,424.

          According to Wikio, he is (in all humility) the No1 religion blog in the UK. This list appears to include some US ones. Is The Church Times really attracting in excess of 80,000 absolute unique visitors (Google Analytics) per month?

          • They are Alexa traffic rankings. Not a perfect measure of course, but better than Technorati.