Pastoral Support

A few weeks before Easter I wrote to every Diocesan Bishop (or acting Diocesan) to ask a straightforward question.

If someone who identifies as homosexual was to approach your Diocese to ask for support in maintaining a life of celibacy, what specific Diocesan resources do you have in place to help him/her?

The purpose of . . . → Read More: Pastoral Support

Jonathan Merritt’s Testimony

Just to add another testimony into the mix, here’s celibate Jonathan Merritt who was famously outed recently.

When I was about 10 years old, the isolation of my pain almost killed me as thoughts of suicide plagued my mind. I was so suffocated by my secret that I believed only death would provide me the . . . → Read More: Jonathan Merritt’s Testimony

The Archbishop on Same-Sex Marriage on LBC

Perhaps the most interesting part of the hour long phone on LBC with Justin Welby this morning was the full answer to the final question.

A gay christian listening to you though may have heard the message that he or she can’t marry their partner in their church because of the conniptions it would . . . → Read More: The Archbishop on Same-Sex Marriage on LBC

+Chelmsford’s Diocesan Synod Address

I thought this address to Chelmsford’s Diocesan Synod was actually really good. First, on mission and evangelism +Stephen sounds like a Bishop who actually means and does what he says. Secondly, on human sexuality, he indicates the right kind of path forward.

On the issue of human sexuality I want you to know that . . . → Read More: +Chelmsford’s Diocesan Synod Address

Church in Wales - Homosexuality

Find below the report from the Standing Doctrinal Commission of the Church in Wales on Same-Sex Partnership.

Report Executive Summary Procedural Note

I’ll post a fuller analysis later, but two things stick out straight away.

First, the report has an inadequate theology of the Fall. For example, sections 49 to 51 read,

If further, more . . . → Read More: Church in Wales – Homosexuality

Listening to Stories

Andy Marshall, a gay Church of England priest, has written a personal piece in response to the Bishops’ Pastoral Statement on Gay Marriage. It’s fascinating, not just as a unique account of one man’s experiences, but also as a sobering reminder of what Conservatives need to engage with on this issue.

I came to faith . . . → Read More: Listening to Stories

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