UK General Election Prediction

I wrote a week or so ago about using some statistical methodology to try and predict the forthcoming General Election in the UK. I’ve now undertaken my first run of the model I developed and the results are below.

Remember, the model works on the following basis:

A statistical model that looks at historical trends . . . → Read More: UK General Election Prediction

What next to predict? I know. Elections!


We can use monte carlo methodology to simulate the last few games of the Premiership and we’ve seen how what we produced was pretty much in line with what the betting markets were predicting (which is normally a good free market that tends to the actual outcome). The challenge then is to try and . . . → Read More: What next to predict? I know. Elections!

Who's Going to Win the Premiership?

It’s an interesting question isn’t it? With just 6 weeks to go, there are still seven teams that can mathematically win the English League title. I thought it would be an interesting educational exercise in statistics to demonstrate a monte carlo method of predicting probabilities. You can download the spreadsheet I used to see how . . . → Read More: Who’s Going to Win the Premiership?

High school graduation rates among children of same-sex households

This is a really interesting study into the effect of gay parenting on children because the sample is not one of convenience but comes straight off the Canadian Census returns. You can read the full paper here.

Let’s look at the model that was built.

I’ll let Allen explain the results.

Table 5 reports on . . . → Read More: High school graduation rates among children of same-sex households

Top Ten 2013

Here are my top ten posts (authored in 2013) from last year in reverse order.

10 – Redefining Marriage – A discussion about how most advocates for changing the definition of marriage have no idea why they’re doing it.

9 – Archbishop Justin – An Evangelical and No Mistake – My response to the enthronement . . . → Read More: Top Ten 2013

Homosexuality and Paedophilia - A Link?

Given the recent fuss over what Andrea Minichiello Williams may or may not have said in Jamaica, I thought it would be interesting to explore what evidence there was, if any, of a link between homosexuality and paedophilia. As always, I want to try and be as objective as possible with the research data and . . . → Read More: Homosexuality and Paedophilia – A Link?

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