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Debunking the Myths

Christian Concern have produced a video with highlights of yesterday’s conference.

Royal College of Psychiatrists Backtrack on Sexuality Causation

Well now, this is really interesting. The Royal College of Psychiatrists considers that sexual orientation is determined by a combination of biological and postnatal environmental factors. There is no evidence to go beyond this and impute any kind of choice into the origins

Lisa Diamond – Male Sexuality More Fluid Than We Thought

Fascinating research from the University of Utah academic. Karen Booth has more. Is homosexuality unchangeable? Are gays and lesbians exclusively attracted to their own genders? Does a person who experiences same-sex attraction always proceed developmentally to the acceptance of a

Court of Appeal Ruling on Core Issues vs TfL

Here it is and it’s juicy. These are the best bits. 34. It is common ground that a public body cannot exercise a statutory power for an improper purpose: see De Smith’s Judicial Review at paras 5-082 to 5-119. It

A Thought

If only Tom Daley could be true to himself and stop repressing his heterosexuality, he’d probably be so much happier and wouldn’t be in danger of damaging his boyfriend by faking being gay. Discuss.

Multiple Aspects of Sexual Orientation

A fascinating paper from New Zealand published three years ago to add to our collection of research on sexual orientation causation. Here’s the meaty bit. Childhood Correlates (Prior to 16 Years) and Sexuality The association between childhood sociodemographic characteristics and