Revival Hits Austria

Revival for the Football team that is!

A magnificent victory over France last night (3:1) is the cap on a series of great matches. Only a few weeks ago they drew 2:2 against World Champions Italy, and there were a further two balls in the back of the net that were disallowed. Prior to that there was a game against the Netherlands where they threw away a 3:0 lead. Now in a proper International (World Cup 2010 qualifier) they’ve beaten one of the top teams in Europe, the World Cup runners up, and beaten them convincingly. All this after a highly disappointing Euro 2008 campaign.

What next? Well with games away against Lithuania and the Faroe Islands next, there’s a great chance that Austria can go into the late Autumn top of their qualifying group.

The country hasn’t see scenes like those below since 1955

2 Comments on “Revival Hits Austria

  1.  Hmm, I’m unsuprised that you didn’t choose to blog on England’s football performance (although I’m scottish, which is even worse!) :-)

  2. Austria is the new Scotland then :)

    Well done to the brothers in law (Hungarians refer to Austrians this way) and good luck.

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