Fame at last!!!!

Or not quite really. I was lecturing today at St John’s College, Nottingham on issues around "post-gay". You lucky people might get to find out what I said, as Rachel is an independent student there and Rachel was taking notes!!!! If you’re especially lucky you might even get to see me for yourselves, as I videoed the whole thing in order to do some analysis on my presenting. I might even share that video with you……

8 Comments on “Fame at last!!!!

  1. Hi Peter
    I hope to email you soon with my write-up of your words today. How did you find my blog? – interested to discover how you located it not knowing what it’s called.

    God bless

  2. Hi Peter All posted up! Some of my own thoughts in between your words – real gut-reaction responses – I’m still mulling over a lot of what you said. I’m inviting others to share their views so you might want to watch this space! Re vis.e Re form
    Bye – eeee!
    PS Hope the chicken dinner goes well – lentil and vegetable casserole is great too – from ‘The Contented Little Baby Book’ author. Franny, my youngest, couldn’t get enough of it.

  3. I love your link to dance music – brings back old memories of ‘Gatecrasher’ and all the stuff my husband and I used to listen to in the 90s. We’re the same generation as you because we’re 34 too. What days! All glow-in the dark makeup and strange outfits – fab! High on God, music, dancing and bottled-water – never needed the ‘other stuff’ that was on offer – thank goodness.

  4. I’m now worried that, being from the same part of Sheffield, I might have been part of that ‘in crowd’ you didn’t feel part of. If so, I’m sorry for my youthful unwelcomingness. If not, then I’ll let you off for your footballing preferences.

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