Questions from Bubbles

Our latest church magazine has a list of questions asked by kids in our “Bubbles” group, aged 2+. They’re quite a brilliant collection of deep spiritual inquiries. Enjoy – every single one of them is absolutely genuine!

Does God wear pyjamas?

Why weren’t they friends to the people with itchy skin? That is not very kind is it? Were they also unkind to people with “Chicken Spots” [sic]?

If God loves little children, why does he make grown ups?

Do the stars need batteries?

Does God live in the sun?

When we pray without talking, how can God hear us?

Why doesn’t God bring everyone back to life?

Why did God make snow taste like snow? It would be nicer if it was ice lolly flavour.

Do things in heaven smell nice or are there yucky smells as well?

Does God read stories to Jesus?

When angels pick flowers and make pictures with them, where do they stick them up?

Does God like Easter Eggs?

Why does God not take away all the bad things?

Why did God make tears?

Why did God make our teeth fall out when we are big and why do they never get itchy?

What makes God happy?

Does God have roast dinner on Sunday?

Finally, my absolute favourite and the most theologically profound of all

At Christmas, does Jesus have birthday paper or Christmas paper on his presents?

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