Month: May 2009

We are Coming, We are Here

Ooooohhhh. I’m excited. Are you? Are you? ARE YOU????

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Some Music for the Weekend

Finally found the official video (with good English subtitles) for this number. Made number three in the Italian charts did you know? It did! Thanks to Andrew W for reminding me of it, and dedicated to our pet pharisee, “Sound”.

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A Great Analysis of the California Decision

Having just criticised Tim K on BTB for a post on the Prop 8 ruling, can I now commend to you all a post by Gabriel Arana on the same site that sums up very clearly what the Supreme Court

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Getting your ethnology right

Just in case you needed reminding, the BNP have absolutely no idea about ethnology. What’s best about this spoof is that it has so much better production values than the original BNP racist offering.

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Breaking – California Supreme Court upholds Prop 8

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it, but it does seem to be the correct judicial response. If the Supreme Court had over-ruled a referendum of the whole electorate, that would have been majorly controversial. It appears that they have

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Is this a straight forward lie?

Got in this lunchtime to find this Lib Dem leaflet on the doorstep. Have a read of what they’ve written. Hmmmm…. Problem is Lib Dems, I’m a bit of an electoral geek, and I don’t think that the 7th seat

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