Predjudiced against what?

Colin Coward, in his latest blog post, demonstrates an unfortunate inability to discern what the conservative position on same-sex activity actually is.

Anyone who bases their attitudes to LGBT people on the official teaching of the church risks making statements which are homophobic. Davis Booker has been suspended for making discriminatory comments about a person’s sexual orientation.

Changing Attitude disagrees radically with official church teaching. The Church has no alternative but to revise its teaching at some point in the future if it is to return to the teaching of Jesus in the Gospels – justice and grace for ALL. The teaching of Jesus transcends whatever negative interpretations are put on the teaching in Leviticus and of St Paul about same sex activity.

It is a minority if[sic] Christians in the UK who hold prejudiced views about LGBT people based on Leviticus, Issues and Lambeth 1.10.

Let’s be crystal clear about this. Coward makes this an issue of ontology. It isn’t. The conservative position (which is based on far more than Leviticus, it’s based on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew, Paul’s teaching in Romans, 1 Cor and Ephesians) is about function, not ontology. The position is on same-sex activity, because that’s what the Bible talks about. There is no mention of GLBT distinctions in Scripture and therefore orthodox Christians who correctly articulate their position have no issue whatsoever with someone’s sexual attractions.

I believe that I work pretty hard at trying to articulate and understand my opponents’ positions for what they actually are and to debate what they are actually saying, not what I want them to say, or a stereotype  or straw-man of their stance. It would be great if all of us, conservative or revisionist, could make the effort to do likewise.

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