(Almost) Full General Synod Election Results

As I mentioned three days ago, it is simply impossible to get hold of the full General Synod Election Results on the Church of England website. I have therefore spent the past week trying to get hold of those results so I can present them all together. Here are the fruits of my labours (so far).

Click here to download full results

(If you are having problems reading this file in a version of MS Excel 2003 or earlier, go here to install a free update to your version of Office. This will let you view this file AND other MS Office files in the new XML format)

There is nothing in these records that is in any way confidential or needs to be kept discrete, yet some presiding officers are still behaving as though for someone to ask for them requires an extraordinary reason. Look at it this way – if a Returning Officer in a national General Election simply declared the winner without saying how many votes all the candidates got we would not accept that as an acceptable account of the result. Why then do some dioceses refuse to send out the Synod full returns. I think questions need to be asked.

I am still missing quite a few full records – if you can help me to bring this record of results to full completion then email me at peter dot ould at gmail dot com.

Still to add

Suffragan Bishops – York
Cathedral Deans- Canterbury
Cathedral Deans- York

Carlisle – Clergy
Chelmsford – Clergy
Chelmsford – Laity
Durham – Clergy
Durham – Laity
Ely – Clergy
Ely -Laity
Southwell & Nottingham – Clergy
Southwell & Nottingham – Laity
Winchester – Clergy
Winchester – Laity
Winchester, Channel Islands – Clergy
Winchester, Channel Islands – Laity

Universities, Canterbury
Universities, York

Religious Communities – Clergy
Religious Communities – Laity

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  1. I can help with regard the Channel Islands (annexed to the Diocese of Winchester)

    As we had no election in Jersey it is difficult for you to get election results!

    Jane Bisson was the only candidate in Jersey for Member of the House of Laity for whom a nomination paper had been received by the deadline of 31st August 2010 and therefore The Very Revd Robert Key, Dean of the Island of Jersey, declared Jane Bisson duly elected.

    The Dean of Jersey will himself sit in the House of Clergy on behalf of the Channel Islands. There is a single seat for the clergy of the two Deaneries (Jersey and Guernsey) and that is by tradition taken by the Dean of one of the Islands, with a rotation each Synod to the Dean of the other Island (the Dean of Guernsey having been the representative in the last Synod)

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