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Those Lovely Liberals

A selection of quotes from the Changing Attitude facebook page, discussing Andrea Minichiello-Williams. Old swivel eyes She’s mad. let’s pray for her. Leave her alone with her horrid God and see who shrivels first. What a horrid small minded woman –

Getting All Defensive

Changing Attitude are amusing. Into the vacuum left by Ms Williams’ silence have stepped would-be defenders. On the one hand there are those who want to defend her by saying we can’t be sure she said these things.  See for

An Open Question to Changing Attitude

Dear Changing Attitude, When Colin Coward writes, We expect the House of Bishops to invite LGB&T people to participate in their December meeting when they discuss the Pilling Report. We expect the College of Bishops to invite LGB&T people to


Colin Coward of Changing Attitude does himself absolutely no favours when he consistently misrepresents the position of those he opposes. The GAFCON founding documents – the Jerusalem statement and declaration – identify a false gospel and false leaders in the

Fifteen Reasons

Changing Attitude have published a new document called “Fifteen Reasons” by Keith Sharpe which attempts to give fifteen reasons why same-sex marriage is not an unbiblical idea. And you know what, it’s silly. Even just reading it through once I

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Changing Attitude and Homophobia

A special blog post from Changing Attitude yesterday. Really special. Writing about their experience at the House of Bishop’s committee on human sexuality, Colin Coward says, [Sir Joseph Pilling] accused Changing Attitude and the groups who had presented ‘evidence’ on

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