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The label of “Gay Christian”

An interesting post by Mark Yarhouse reflecting on the language of Wesley Hill. Obviously, many people do refer to themselves as “gay Christians,” but I get questions about an increasingly visible group of Christians who refer to themselves as “gay

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A Little Controversy

So, Alan said this: I am pro-marriage, but I fall short if that’s all people know of me. Christians must be pro-people and pro-hearts. If we win all of the political battles in the world and we lose people over

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New Twin Study shows little Genetic / Utero Hormonal causation of homosexuality

From here: Twin studies are favorites of mine because of the potential light they throw on the origin of SSA. The latest one (Santtila et al., 2008) is three times larger than any previous one – in fact bigger than

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40 Years On

Channel 4 in the UK has been running a fascinating series of programmes marking the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Crimes Act which legalised gay sex (sodomy to be specific) for consenting adults over the age of 21. Probably

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Gay Youth

Putting up some more stuff that I’ve written previously. This is a piece that was published four years ago in Youthwork Magazine.

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Mutable? Undisputable?

A very interesting little web-reference has been causing a stir in the post-gay blogosphere today (Alan and Warren, are you reading this? What do I owe you for that little linguistic plug?). Exodus have the best comment so have a

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