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Tick-Tock Time Machine

I’ve just come back from taking Reuben to see “Andy and Mike’s Tick-Tock Time Machine” at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury. It’s not often that I come away from Kid’s Theatre wanting to blog about it, but this was absolutely

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Away for a Few Days

Y’all behave yourselves y’hear?

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This Week

This week my work takes me away from home for four days, so little time to blog around what is likely to be a rather interesting session of General Synod. However, in other news I signed a contract this weekend

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Back Home

I’m back home. My angiogram is completely clear so I am not about to die of coronary artery disease (which was their immediate concern). I have interesting things on my ECG and an echocardiogram booked for Friday the 23rd of

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In Hospital

Folks, I’ve been admitted to hospital after another serious chest pain incident last night. I’m now staying in while they do some investigative work and get nearer to finding out what the root cause is. I’m not in any serious

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A Quick Guide to my Heart

Right folks. After spending Friday night in hospital with my heart doing slightly silly things, and thinking we’d sorted this out 18 months ago, here’s a quick guide to what’s going on inside me. This first video is a normal

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