Must Have Accessory

These are currently the most sought after freebie at the Tory Party Conference

It’s a USB memory stick and the writing says:

Warning – To avoid data loss keep out of reach of Labour


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Far Right

Brand me a neo-nazi if you like, but I’m a bit fed up with all the British media labeling the two right-wing parties who did so well in Austria yesterday as "far right". Cultural populists they might be, anti-EU integration they certainly are, but are they far right?

Take for example this photo in today’s . . . → Read More: Far Right

The Picture of the Evening

Sums it all up.

Radical Move to Right in Austria – Kurier [de] Far Right gains in Austria vote – BBC

This "far right" thing is getting a bit annoying.

New Anti-Spam Feature

Just to let regular readers know, I have moved to a new anti-spam system which might involve you having to enter a CAPTCHA text to have your comment included. Please use the contact page to let me know about any problems.

Review: Salzburg Airport

Peter, Reuben and I have just returned from a lovely week away in Austria. Part of that trip involved flying into and out of Salzburg Airport, and I thought it would be fun to give a quick review…!

Salzburg airport is the second largest airport in Austria, second, of course, to the larger airport in . . . → Read More: Review: Salzburg Airport

Austrian Election – Initial Results

18:30 UK – 99% of count in

SPÖ 29.7% ÖVP 25.6% FPÖ 18.0% BZÖ 11.0% Gr 9.8%


SPÖ 58 ÖVP 50 FPÖ 35 BZÖ 21 Gr 19

 18:00 UK

Latest Results

SPÖ 29.7% ÖVP 26.0% FPÖ 18.2% BZÖ 9.6% Gr 9.7%


SPÖ 58 ÖVP 51 FPÖ 36 BZÖ 19 Gr 19


17:00 . . . → Read More: Austrian Election – Initial Results

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