Ratzinger’s Clear Clarion Call

One of the most remarkable things about this papal visit has been the precise and unambiguous message that Benedict XVI has been proclaiming through the country wherever he has spoken. From Edinburgh to Birmingham, one common theme has come through his homilies – now is the time to stand up.

Standing up is certainly what . . . → Read More: Ratzinger’s Clear Clarion Call

Scientology – Controlling, Paranoid Cult?

You decide, and if you’re in Blighty you can see more on the 28th.


Mine will be slightly different then Napoleon’s. Gayle and I are going away for a few nights together, then I’m leaving for a fortnight of just me and God and the English countryside.

As in the summer, apologies if your comments end up in a spam filter – I’ll get through them . . . → Read More: Retreat!

Heart Speaks Unto Heart

I’ve just posted this on the Twurch of England blog.

Here at the Twurch of England we applaud all things technical and religious, as long as they are done well. In the light of this, we are delighted by the website that has been setup to accompany the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the UK.

We wanted to know . . . → Read More: Heart Speaks Unto Heart

Happy Birthday!

The most beautiful woman in the world is a year older today.

If you want to tell her what a wonderful woman she is, this will help you. All messages will be emailed to Gayle – at some point she’ll work out where they’re coming from…

. . . → Read More: Happy Birthday!


A really interesting story in the Mail  last week.

A brother and sister who had a child together are to break the law and marry later this month, the Irish Mail on Sunday can reveal.

They first spoke to the newspaper in May about their shock on discovering that they shared a father and were involved . . . → Read More: Incest

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