Benediction Modern Stylee

Speaks for itself.

H/T Eddie Green

More Responses on Civil Partnerships

The last few days have seen a flurry of developments in relation to Civil Partnerships and the Church of England. Following on from the official release of a legal guidance leaked over a month ago, the Church of England has published a response to the Government consultation on registering Civil Partnerships in religious establishments. You . . . → Read More: More Responses on Civil Partnerships

Recurrent Miscarriage

Great video on how Christians should approach this experience.

One thing that has struck me since losing Zachary (though obviously not through a miscarriage) is the number of people I meet who have lost children. It is the unspoken grief that many carry around but few articulate.

Your Great Name

They cannot play this enough on UCB at the moment!

Moving On

Have just read this sad post over on Andy’s blog. Andy has recently withdrawn from offering himself for ordained ministry, mostly on the grounds that having trained to be a Pioneer Minister there are actually no Pioneer curacies available.

And so, as my peers were finding curacies, and getting ready to start the next stage . . . → Read More: Moving On

More on the "New" Legal Advice

The “new” legal advice is nothing of the sort; it is identical to the one leaked in May by Andrew Brown of the Guardian.

Let’s try and piece together the history of this document.

5th July 2010 – The Southwark Crown Nominations Commission meets to discuss the final decision on the next Diocesan Bishop. Rowan . . . → Read More: More on the “New” Legal Advice

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