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Jones and Yarhouse’s ExGay Study

The latest results from Yarhouse and Jones’ ExGay Study have been published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy and are accompanied by a brand new website allowing for greater interaction with the authors. The response has been typical.

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About the New Job

This afternoon I accepted a job offer with Jaywing, a credit and analytics consultancy that is one of the leaders in its field in the UK. I’ll be working based out of our home in Canterbury, consulting for some of

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Finding a Job

The hunt for a job is over. I have a very good job offer on the table and I will get another one by 5pm on Monday. I will let you know shortly after that which one I have accepted

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Regarding Same-Sex Marriage – An Essay

The more observant of you will have noticed that at the Liberal Democrat Conference this weekend it was announced that the Government intends to move forward with its plans to permit same-sex couples to marry. A number of good articles

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Blood, Blood, Blood!

Mixed response this week to the news that the NHS Blood Donor Service is going to start accepting donations from Men who have have sex with Men (MSM), but only if they haven’t had sex with another man in the

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Two Final Things

Aber mit der Heimat
geht man immer herum,
durch die Welt,
dort und dort
Peter Handke

No one could describe
the Word of the Father;
but when He took flesh from you, O Theotokos,
He consented to be described, and restored the fallen image to its former beauty.
We confess and proclaim our salvation in word and image.
Kontakion of the Triumph of Orthodoxy