About the New Job

This afternoon I accepted a job offer with Jaywing, a credit and analytics consultancy that is one of the leaders in its field in the UK. I’ll be working based out of our home in Canterbury, consulting for some of the leading retail banks and financiers in this country. It’s an exciting and challenging role, with enough . . . → Read More: About the New Job

Finding a Job

The hunt for a job is over. I have a very good job offer on the table and I will get another one by 5pm on Monday. I will let you know shortly after that which one I have accepted and what our next moves will be as a family.

Thank you for your prayers.

. . . → Read More: Finding a Job

More UK Benefits Lunacy

Take two identical people. They both earn the same amount of money each year (for the sake of argument let’s say £20,000). They work for 20 years. They both married ten years ago and both have two children, aged 5 and 2. They both pay identical rent for identical houses. They have paid identical tax and . . . → Read More: More UK Benefits Lunacy

Universally Incredulous

So, with the job we thought was pretty well sorted falling through at the start of the week, I am now officially unemployed. What an education its already been in our fragmented benefits system in the UK.

What does one have to do? Firstly, phone up the “Job Centre Plus” and register for Job Seekers . . . → Read More: Universally Incredulous

Recurrent Miscarriage

Great video on how Christians should approach this experience.

One thing that has struck me since losing Zachary (though obviously not through a miscarriage) is the number of people I meet who have lost children. It is the unspoken grief that many carry around but few articulate.

Moving On

Have just read this sad post over on Andy’s blog. Andy has recently withdrawn from offering himself for ordained ministry, mostly on the grounds that having trained to be a Pioneer Minister there are actually no Pioneer curacies available.

And so, as my peers were finding curacies, and getting ready to start the next stage . . . → Read More: Moving On

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They gave our Master a crown of thorns. Why do we hope for a crown of roses?
Martin Luther


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