Street Preaching

A great example of how to handle a Section 5 arrest and interview.

Here’s the preacher Tony Miano from where the police turn up to where he gets arrested.

And now two gems from the interview transcript.

The issue obviously as well, is, well, you know, I appreciate what you’re saying regarding your beliefs and the fact that you were preaching the Gospel. As I said to you earlier, not everyone is religious. Okay, so they don’t have an understanding as you, as you obviously as you do of the Gospel.


I certainly don’t. So, do you accept that what you were saying, is likely to upset some people.

Tony MianoNo, I don’t accept that. Because I’ve also seen people with tears in their eyes come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, realizing that they’ve sinned against God. Regardless, my understanding is that what the word of God says about the nature of man is that regardless of what a person expresses with their mouth, or with their demeanor, or with their body language, even if they would say that they were offended or insulted does not necessarily mean that’s the case. It could very well be that they’ve been convicted but their heart and they don’t want the preacher to see that.


And that’s always my hope.


My hope is that that lady will go home tonight and she will turn from her sin and put her trust in Jesus Christ the Lord for her salvation. That one day I will get to worship with her side by side in heaven.

Just a couple questions I had. What would you say to anybody that said you were trying to insult people.

I would say they’re wrong.

And why would you say that?

The reason for being out there. The reason I flew all the way from Southern California to London, was to love people and share the Gospel with them. I hope to be used by God to see people come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. There’s never intent to insult, there’s never any intent to inflame. Of course people aren’t going to agree with everything I say, just as I don’t agree with everything other people say. But my intention, is, to love people as others loved me and shared the Gospel with me so that I could receive forgiveness of my sin and the free gift of eternal life. That’s why I came to London last year during the Olympics. That’s why I came this year to Wimbledon. And that’s why I hope I can come back as many times as possible. Because I love this country and I love the people of this country. And I don’t want to see anybody perish in their sin.

More over at Christian Concern

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  1. My problem with him is not what he preached but what he didn’t preach. He said he was preaching the gospel but it was only John the baptist’s gospel of repentance not Jesus’gospel of grace.

      • I guessed he would get onto it but he get 20 mins in without mentioning it. Just felt unbalanced. I’ll check out more though.

  2. The thing that is most ridiculous is where the officer talks about certain texts offending certain groups. But he never even considers that those same people are highly unlikely to believe in God. And thus they will have no belief in any form of judgement for sin and so to take offence in the law of a non-existent god is just simply idiotic.

  3. You don’t get arrested for speaking in parables. The Lord set the example. Here’s one of mine that I think He inspired.

    Getting hitched.

    Gordon Rafferty ran a thriving livery business on the outskirts of a rural county. His high quality leather saddles and bridles were both strong and comfortable and their sales went through the roof. By comparison, though, the double-yoked harness was the best-seller. As a vital part of day-to-day journeys, his patented mode of union was Government subsidised.

    If you were making the journey of a lifetime with your life’s possessions in tow, Gord’s union harness was the best way to get hitched. The union harness even came with an instruction manual and a lifetime guarantee. On the last page of the guarantee, Gordon wrote his tag line: ‘what Gord has joined together, let not man put asunder’. If you were joined by his yoke and followed his instructions, it would last for a lifetime!

    Of course, there was always competition from cheap ‘alternative’ union harnesses, or unions as they were called for short. The balance across the yoke was never quite as good, since the yoke married the two sides of the harness into one. But every variation was invented: the inverted union; the asymmetrical union; the quick-release union were all rivals to the standard that Gordon set. Worst of all, they were never fully tested and lacked a lifetime guarantee.

    Once Gordon commented: ‘they’re just flawed engineering, especially when the harness is unequally yoked. You can see they’re pulling in different directions’

    Come the start of the millennium and the way you got hitched became an urban fashion craze. The city markets were flooded with unions of every description. They were more about fashion and individuality than the original purpose to balance the burdens (and exhilaration) of that journey of a lifetime.

    The competitors began to lobby their MPs and Parliament for the same subsidies that conventional unions enjoyed. ‘It was their right’, they claimed. Gordon fought back. He said the government had no right to re-define union and had not consulted the electorate. Union was about making a journey together and inextricably linked to traction. He produced a petition from over 600,000 which the government ignored.

    Of course, his critics cited exceptional terrain in which traction was impossible.

    ‘These are conditional, unintended exceptions’, he countered, ‘they do not merit an UNCONDITIONAL change to the general rule of eligibility for subsidies!’

    However, the politicians relished the idea that they were in tune with fashion and innovation. They boldly declared that, once subsidising alternative unions became law, people would wonder what all the fuss was about.

    A bill legalising alternative unions was forced through parliament with a secretly whipped vote. It finally received Royal Assent to become law and those opposed to the re-definition faced arrest for public disorder. Schools were filled with propaganda affirming the alternatives.

    Afterwards, the Prime Minister even entertained a delegation of inventors from the ‘Long-distance Generic Bi-direction Transportation’ community or LGBT as they preferred to be called, joking that the re-definition of unions would be exported all over the world.

    A few years, civil servants noticed a sharp increase in the number of recalls and failures. Some people who engaged the alternative unions realised they were not at all robust. The government spin-doctor published the new official party line: ‘the combined strength of joining three or more will always be greater than just two. Permitting another to be joined into sharing that special journey of a lifetime with two others will only strengthen what has already existed.’

    Gordon sat down after reading the government circular and wept.

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