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The Press Release wot Justin Didn’t Write (Or Possibly Even See)

I like Justin Welby. I know that may come as a surprise to some of you, but I like him, I really do. I think he’s a clever, witty, thoughtful, orthodox Archbishop who may yet be the best thing to happen

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Communion Partner Bishops meet Justin Welby

This press statement just released. August 26, 2013 Dear Communion Partner Sisters and Brothers: The Archbishop of Canterbury preached recently in Monterey, Mexico: “It is a dangerous place, a narrow path we walk as Anglicans at present. On one side

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Overstepping the Mark

Speaks for itself

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KJS meets with the Council of Advice

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Apparently, Long Island is wrong

As soon as the news about the Bishop of Long Island’s ruling on same-sex marriage came out, in particular that clergy in same-sex relationships must marry, along comes Bishop Chane of Washington to contradict him. In the Diocese of Washington, Bishop

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Long Island (NY) Bishop on Same-sex Marriage

Given that the State of New York has legalised marriage between people of the same sex, the Bishop of Long Island has issued a very interesting letter. In many, if not all states, the ordained person acts also (and sometimes

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