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I’ve added an innovative plugin to allow live chat on the website. It’s actviated by the switch on the right-hand side. Once active, you can natter away to anybody else who is on the site and has activated the switch.

Give me feedback here please!!!!

You can’t make this stuff up

How can you so close your eyes to the clear words of the text? Matt Kennedy’s about to find out, questioning the man who helped write the Lambeth Bible Studies:

Me: I have a question for Dr. West. Would you say that the author of the NT book of Jude was incorrect when he wrote . . . → Read More: You can’t make this stuff up

What are acceptable sexual morals for a Christian Leader?

Let me ask you a question. Say I invited over to the UK one of the leading ex-gay speakers in the USA? What say, once we arrived we did a tour of theological colleges, sharing his story and asking the seminarians to support his ministry? I think we’d get a good reception (or at least . . . → Read More: What are acceptable sexual morals for a Christian Leader?

Who wears the trousers?!

A friend is anticipating the arrival of his baby girl next month and the prospect of (very) imminent fatherhood has led him to ponder what it means to be the leader in his family. I personally am ecstatic to see a man take seriously his role as husband and father (-to-be). Impending parenthood doesn’t elicit . . . → Read More: Who wears the trousers?!

Travelling through Central London – Some Clarifications

Apparently there is some concern about my previous post, particularly whether any of the routes I highlighted are actually any good. I think we need some clarifications.

i) I used to drive into Central London, especially Westminster, at least once a week for over 5 years. That was however 5 years ago. If my memory . . . → Read More: Travelling through Central London – Some Clarifications

People watching

Our son is a people watcher. This was illustrated fantastically at church on Sunday.

As is now my common practice, I went right to the back of the church, behind all the pews – this enables me to rock Reuben in his buggy if he’s sleeping and pick him up and walk him around if . . . → Read More: People watching

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Man never achieves a clear knowledge of himself unless he has first looked upon God's face, and then descends from contemplating Him to scrutinize himself.
Jean Calvin


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