Understanding Society - Phase One

The first results from the ongoing Understanding Society survey have been released and there are some interesting stats as regards parenting and raising children.

Understanding Society is a longitudinal study tracking 100,000 individuals in 40,000 British households. The survey examines various factors attempting to understand the nature of modern day family units in the UK.

. . . → Read More: Understanding Society – Phase One

Gagnon on David and Jonathan

Writing in Orthodoxy Today recently, Gagnon covered a number of issues which included whether David and Jonathan had some kind of same-sex relationship.

David and Jonathan

Miller cites the relationship of David and Jonathan as an example of the “enduring love between men,” adding: “What Jonathan and David did or did not do in privacy . . . → Read More: Gagnon on David and Jonathan

Rowan and Parliament

Reports in the Telegraph this morning that the Archbishop of Canterbury has essentially told parliamentarians where to go.

Dr Rowan Williams has refused to be drawn on the issue publicly, but has broken his silence to tell MPs he is not prepared for the Coalition to tell the Church how to behave. He told a . . . → Read More: Rowan and Parliament

Stephanie Swift - Testimony

Just excellent. H/T X3Church.

The Brighton and Hove Changing Attitude Survey is Flawed

Which is of course not the same thing as saying it’s bad.

The official survey results are out and with it comes a press release that presents a number of the key observations in a misleading manner.

The churches were asked to choose one of four categories to describe their attitude to the LGBT community.  . . . → Read More: The Brighton and Hove Changing Attitude Survey is Flawed

Reasonable and Holy

. . . → Read More: Reasonable and Holy

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