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Easter Without Jesus

Before I tell you who wrote this wonderful piece of pagan nonsense, you can already guess can’t you? Which leader of an Anglican Province could ever manage to do a whole “Easter Message” without mentioning Jesus once? One of my

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Rowan’s Hegelian Triumph

As I’ve been reading Benjamin Myer’s Christ the Stranger: The Theology of Rowan Williams this week, I’ve started to wonder whether the Archbishop’s strategy of Hegelian struggle between thesis and antithesis, much bemoaned by conservatives and liberals alike, may actually

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Human Sexuality Group Appoints Advisors

The House of Bishop’s Human Sexuality Group has appointed three advisors. New advisers were appointed to the House of Bishops advisory group on human sexuality this week. The three new members are the Rev Dr Jessica Martin, Priest-in-charge of Duxford, Hinxton and

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Series 7


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Keith Sharpe responds to Andrew Goddard

Over on the Changing Attitude website, Keith Sharpe has responded to a recent column by Andrew Goddard on the Fulcrum website. Keith’s blog post is an absolute text book example of eisegesis, so let’s take it apart piece by piece

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British Olympic Kit – 2012

Hmmmmmm…… What do we think? [poll id=”8″] Update My first response was, “Urgggh”. Having watched the video three time now, can I be honest? It’s really growing on me.

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