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What’s Going to Happen at Synod – The Results!

Yes, the great survey that we had this week is over. A massive 55 of you participated in this ground-breaking exercise in harnessing the wisdom of the crowds (or summat). Here are the results. [poll id=”9″] Hmmmm… The forecast with

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What’s Going to Happen at Synod over Women Bishops?

One of the joys of being a Church of England Priest who works full-time as a statistician (only because no Bishop has been bold enough to give me a job – you know where I am) is that I can

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British Olympic Kit – 2012

Hmmmmmm…… What do we think? [poll id=”8″] Update My first response was, “Urgggh”. Having watched the video three time now, can I be honest? It’s really growing on me.

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Pentecost Battle of the Bishops

Just read these two interesting blog pieces. Firstly Bishop Alan Wilson Pentecost does raise in acute form the question of what we really believe Christianity is. It burst on the world as a process of incarnation, God bursting out of

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Threaded Comments

Am I the only one who finds it hard sometimes to follow threaded conversations in the comments on this blog because of the way that the layout uses boxes? Want me to try and find a more convenient way to

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Hot Cross Dilemma

I need your help to resolve this point of contention in the Ould household. [poll id=”3″]

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