C4M – Ten Reasons – Number 5

Before all this Women Bishops malarkey we were doing a series looking at the Coalition for Marriage’s “Ten Reasons” leaflet. The idea is to go through each argument and see amongst us whether it has any merit.

Here’s number five.

Myth 5 It won’t be a slippery slope

If we redefine marriage once, what’s to stop marriage . . . → Read More: C4M – Ten Reasons – Number 5

The Dys-established Church

Ponder with me for a moment the hypocrisy of the scene. In the House of Commons stands a man, Tony Baldry by name, who has the formal title of “Second Church Estates Commissioner”. He stands in his role as representing the Church of England in Parliament and takes that opportunity to attack it. What is . . . → Read More: The Dys-established Church

Moving Forward

Today as I was listening to the speeches at General Synod I had a dawning epiphany. It was simply this – we need to vote yes and we need to trust that we can make the Code of Practice work as a Church. I thought the speeches by Justin Welby and Stephen Cottrell in particular . . . → Read More: Moving Forward

Women Bishops

. . . → Read More: Women Bishops

On the Radio

If you want to hear one of my radio broadcasts from last weekend, click on the link below and then press play. Here I was talking to Radio Merseyside, where Justin Welby was Dean of the Cathedral.

Click Here

If it doesn’t go to the right place you need to fast forward to 2 hours, . . . → Read More: On the Radio

Three Challenges

I co-wrote a piece with Andrew Lilico that has just been published on the Conservative Home website.

The third key challenge concerns whether we should remain the Church ofEngland — should we continue to be the state church.  This issue may come to a head, during Welby’s time as Archbishop, in the event he must choose . . . → Read More: Three Challenges

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