Month: July 2013

Dein Leben

Non German Speakers, keep watching for the payoff.

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Sexual Revolution

Two interesting pieces this morning on the subject of “Sexual Revolution”. First, Andrew Goddard on Fulcrum explores the possibilities for the Pilling Report and how the Committee fashioning it will have to explain themselves. What does it mean to be

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Premier Radio – Different Coming Out Follow-Up

I appeared on Premier Radio on Saturday afternoon discussing the Christianity Magazine article from earlier this month. You can hear the whole thing below. [audio:] My discussion with Savi Hensman begins at 27 minutes.

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PayDay Salvation

Apparently Justin Welby has had a meeting with Errol Damelin, the head honcho of Wonga the payday loan company. He’s reported to have told him that he isn’t planning to legislate these companies out of business, rather he wants to

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In case you’re interested, this is what I had to say last year about monarchy.

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Winchester Dodges the Issues

Over three working days ago I asked the spokesperson for Winchester Diocese a very simple question. Three days later I still haven’t had a reply, and that’s probably because the very simple question I asked strikes to the heart of

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