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High school graduation rates among children of same-sex households

This is a really interesting study into the effect of gay parenting on children because the sample is not one of convenience but comes straight off the Canadian Census returns. You can read the full paper here. Let’s look at the

Filling in the Baptism Register

This morning I had an e-conversation with Gavin Collins, the Archdeacon of the Meon in Portsmouth Diocese, on the legalities around the decision to enter two mothers in the baptism register. He kindly agreed to share publicly his thinking around

Mother and Godmother

This is a really interesting piece in the Daily Mail. A lesbian couple claim they have been told they cannot baptise their one-year-old son because they both want to be registered on official records. Aimi and Victoria Leggett said they wanted to

Daniel Potter on Gay Parenting

You wait ages for a study on gay parenting to come and then loads appear round the corner at once. Daniel Potter has published a paperin the Journal of Marriage and Family examining the issue of gay parenting from the

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The Regenerus “Gay Parenting” Study

I’m starting to get into the habit of leaving big blogging subjects alone for a week or so, partly so I can reflect on what I want to write and partly just because I don’t have the time these days

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