And so it begins

What has been noticeable these past two weeks is the lack of formal response from other Anglican provinces to the actions of the Anaheim General Convention. That silence has now been broken with the first official reply to the events of a fortnight ago.

Statement by Province of Southeast Asia Standing Committee

The Standing Committee . . . → Read More: And so it begins

Anglican Website Rankings – August

I’ve decided to begin a monthly post that will update the Anglican website rankings so we can see what’s happening out there in the AugustinoethersphereTM! This table shows the top 40 sites with changes since the start of the month. In it you can see how the events in Anaheim have affected web browsing and . . . → Read More: Anglican Website Rankings – August

Tom on Rowan

Tom Wright, the Bishop of Durham, has written a commentary on Rowan’s letter to the Communion (pretty much like the rest of the Anglican world has done in fact). The commentary is significant because Tom and Rowan are close and this piece is not just another meandering through the document but should actually act as . . . → Read More: Tom on Rowan

Lambeth Palace Speaks

We finally have some words from the Archbishop of Canterbury in response to the actions of TEC at their General Convention in Anaheim.

And guys, it’s good, it’s really good.

4. The first is to do with the arguments most often used against the moratoria relating to same-sex unions. Appeal is made to the fundamental . . . → Read More: Lambeth Palace Speaks

Ask Peter – Part Four

The Nice Stuff

In the midst of people who seem to spend their whole lives just being derogatory to you and your family, it’s nice to get some positive feedback from time to time. Here’s just a snippet of the pleasant stuff from the past few months.

I’m sure you get lots and lots of emails from people . . . → Read More: The Nice Stuff

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Do you seek any further reward beyond that of having pleased God? In truth, you know not how great a good it is to please Him
St John Chrysostom


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