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Critic Radio!

My latest project. Enjoy! Episode One and the boys discuss the four points of the New Calvinist Movement as outlined by Mark Driscoll at the Resurgence conference in February 2011. There’s also a tribute at the end of the programme

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John Stott RIP – 1921 to 2011

I once sat in the space just vacated by him in a Blackpool Indian Restaurant during NEAC 4. I still feel the vibes. Utter Legend. That is all.  

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Jesus and Me

Totally unembarrassed that I love this track.

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Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Vortex


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Apparently, Long Island is wrong

As soon as the news about the Bishop of Long Island’s ruling on same-sex marriage came out, in particular that clergy in same-sex relationships must marry, along comes Bishop Chane of Washington to contradict him. In the Diocese of Washington, Bishop

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Three Quotes – Compare and Contrast

Quote Number One – Colin Coward (Changing Attitude) The astonishing light of our own being is deep within us, accessed and released by the connectingand being states of non-ordinary consciousness. As we become conscious of our own inner light, we are then able

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Two Final Things

Aber mit der Heimat
geht man immer herum,
durch die Welt,
dort und dort
Peter Handke

No one could describe
the Word of the Father;
but when He took flesh from you, O Theotokos,
He consented to be described, and restored the fallen image to its former beauty.
We confess and proclaim our salvation in word and image.
Kontakion of the Triumph of Orthodoxy