Hearing What We Want To Hear

The reporting of, and response to, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech at the Evangelical Alliance yesterday is a classic example of people hearing what they want to hear.

John Bingham in the Telegraph told us that Justin made his remarks in an unlikely surrounding.

The Most Rev Justin Welby told an audience of traditional born-again . . . → Read More: Hearing What We Want To Hear

Martyrs Read Joel Osteen Tweets

On the day we remember the beheading of John the Baptist, this is kind of appropriate.

Alan Chambers on Closing Exodus


There’s also a long article over at BuzzFeed.

Chambers has often said that his introduction to Exodus saved his life. Coming from a sheltered childhood, it was the first time he’d been around other people wrestling with the same issues he was. Somewhat ironically, though, his early days at Exodus also coincided with . . . → Read More: Alan Chambers on Closing Exodus

Communion Partner Bishops meet Justin Welby

This press statement just released.

August 26, 2013

Dear Communion Partner Sisters and Brothers:

The Archbishop of Canterbury preached recently in Monterey, Mexico:

“It is a dangerous place, a narrow path we walk as Anglicans at present. On one side is the steep fall into an absence of any core beliefs, a chasm where we . . . → Read More: Communion Partner Bishops meet Justin Welby

Anglicanism is Inherently Lutheran. Discuss.

As I quite rightly point out in Anglican Unscripted 79.

Savings Bank

In a comment piece earlier this week in the Telegraph, Andrew Lilico bemoaned the fact that the new TSB Bank being launched by Lloyds Banking Group was not going to be a Savings Bank in the manner of it’s namesake predecessor.

The TSB brand had never quite disappeared – remember, Lloyds used to be called . . . → Read More: Savings Bank

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