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Hearing What We Want To Hear

The reporting of, and response to, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech at the Evangelical Alliance yesterday is a classic example of people hearing what they want to hear. John Bingham in the Telegraph told us that Justin made his remarks

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Martyrs Read Joel Osteen Tweets

On the day we remember the beheading of John the Baptist, this is kind of appropriate.

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Alan Chambers on Closing Exodus

Hmmm…. There’s also a long article over at BuzzFeed. Chambers has often said that his introduction to Exodus saved his life. Coming from a sheltered childhood, it was the first time he’d been around other people wrestling with the same

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Communion Partner Bishops meet Justin Welby

This press statement just released. August 26, 2013 Dear Communion Partner Sisters and Brothers: The Archbishop of Canterbury preached recently in Monterey, Mexico: “It is a dangerous place, a narrow path we walk as Anglicans at present. On one side

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Anglicanism is Inherently Lutheran. Discuss.

As I quite rightly point out in Anglican Unscripted 79.

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Savings Bank

In a comment piece earlier this week in the Telegraph, Andrew Lilico bemoaned the fact that the new TSB Bank being launched by Lloyds Banking Group was not going to be a Savings Bank in the manner of it’s namesake

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