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ACC “Bans” Reparative Therapy

In an extraordinary move the Association of Christian Counsellors in the UK has asked its members not to conduct reparative therapy. In December 2012, ACC made a statement to its members supporting and clarifying our ethical framework. The Board has

Andrew Goddard on the Guildford Guidance

Over on Ian Paul’s blog, Andrew Goddard has taken a look at the pastoral guidance that has been issued in Guildford Diocese on how to handle same-sex marriage. My first question was why such guidance was being offered.  As the

An Open Letter Before This Weekend’s XFactor

Dear OFCOM, Miley Cyrus Yours Sincerely, Revd Peter Ould etc


And if you want more, here’s my post from last year on why monarchies are a good thing, and also a portion of the Coronation Oath from sixty years ago. Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the

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Gender Dysphoria on Waterloo Road

This month Waterloo Road, the BBC One “School” drama (though frankly I don’t know any school like that one) has been exploring the issue of gender dysphoria as the youngest member of the Barry family, Kasey, struggles with her gender identity.

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