Ruth and Naomi

John H has made an excellent point over on Boars Head.

Thinking about it further, this may be where Ruth & Naomi and David & Jonathan become relevant. I don’t think for a moment they can be taken as examples of sexual same-sex relationships. Nor is either of them an exact parallel for the celibate . . . → Read More: Ruth and Naomi

Is Alan Chambers Wrong?

I wanted to invite your responses to Alan Chambers’ latest piece in order to have some comments to bounce off from. With controversial articles like this (and some people are very upset about it) it’s good to know how people are reacting before framing my stance.

I think I want to suggest to you all . . . → Read More: Is Alan Chambers Wrong?

Can’t even Covenant

From here. I’m not going to comment until later, but I’d welcome your opinions right now.

Things are different in Canada. No offense to Canadians, of course. Recently I was engaged in a lively debate about the topic of homosexuality and politics with a dear Canadian friend while I was there for a speaking engagement. . . . → Read More: Can’t even Covenant

Intense Debate

A while back I experimented with using commenting systems that were external to wordpress (which this site runs on) to help enhance the conversation here. In particular I wanted to be able to let comments be threaded, so when one of you replies specifically to another comment that reply can be seen connected to the . . . → Read More: Intense Debate

A Brief and Loving Sexual Engagement

Colin Coward has responded to my challenge to explain what he means by a “brief and loving sexual engagement”, but the answer just leads to more questions.

Within the post he makes a point that I wouldn’t disagree with:

Conservative evangelicals seem to be obsessed with gay male sexual activity. When sexual activity outside the . . . → Read More: A Brief and Loving Sexual Engagement

Quantitative Easing for Dummies

Let’s say I have £5, I need five loaves of bread and bread is the only thing I ever buy. You are a baker and you have 5 loaves of bread to sell. You know that I have £5 and that I want five loaves of bread. Result? You charge me a £1 a loaf . . . → Read More: Quantitative Easing for Dummies

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