Vicky Beeching – Eternity Invades

OK, she’s a friend of the family so we’re biased, but I am SO looking forward to the new album, Eternity Invades, coming out from Vicky Beeching at Easter. Those of use in the know have been given a sneak preview, and you lucky lucky readers of my blog are going to get an even . . . → Read More: Vicky Beeching – Eternity Invades

More on Transgender Issues

In response the Susannah’s comment on a previous post, here’s what I had to say about my current approach to transsexualism.

I have to be totally open and honest with you (and my other readers) at this point and admit that I am currently engaged in a rethink on this issue of transgenderism. When we . . . → Read More: More on Transgender Issues

Da Economics Rap

Get down with da boyz. If you have a smattering of political economy you’re going to love this. If not, you could just use it to make cheap fatuous and ill-informed remarks about Antipodean dioceses (eh David?).

H/T – Da Archbishop

Summary of today in the Lords

CCFON have the news.

Three amendments tabled by Baroness O’Cathain were passed by the House of Lords tonight. The first amendment was voted through 216 votes to 178, the second was conceded by the Government and the third was voted through 177 votes to 172.

The Government also tried to pass an amendment which would . . . → Read More: Summary of today in the Lords

House of Lords Key Amendments on Equality Bill – Live

You can watch it live here.

House of Lords Key Amendments on Equality Bill

Threat Level Raised

All the fault of Beau Bo D’Or

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