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*Those* Questions

Having seen this list yet again on another website, I thought it might be fun to actually answer them. Here we go. Brace yourselves. 1. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates

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A Brief Summary of our Economic Position

H/T Dizzy

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How NOT to Evangelise

I don’t like Richard Dawkins. Really, I don’t like him, but I have to admit, this is compulsive viewing and makes a great point. If you’re in any doubt brothers and sisters, the emails were wrong…. By the way, I

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The Synod Vote on the Covenant

Blimey. Wednesday saw the first Synod vote before it goes off to the dioceses for discussion. I was not expecting the “No Anglican Covenant” (NAC) position to have been as annihilated as it was. Bishops Clergy Laity In favour 39

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Synod Vote on the Covenant

General Synod meets today and over the course of the next few days will discuss a number of things, including the controversial (for some) Anglican Covenant. The debate will take place on Wednesday morning and will finish with a vote

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Been promising to write this for two days and finally now have the time. As we all know, the Pope has said some things in a new book which have caused a flurry of media excitement. The BBC demonstrates very

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Two Final Things

Aber mit der Heimat
geht man immer herum,
durch die Welt,
dort und dort
Peter Handke

No one could describe
the Word of the Father;
but when He took flesh from you, O Theotokos,
He consented to be described, and restored the fallen image to its former beauty.
We confess and proclaim our salvation in word and image.
Kontakion of the Triumph of Orthodoxy