How Achievable is Celibacy?

One of the criticisms levelled at a conservative reading of Scripture on human sexuality is that it demands of those with same-sex attraction too much when it implies that those who don’t marry someone of the opposite sex should remain celibate. We are told that such a demand is unconscionable, that it is unacheievable.

In response . . . → Read More: How Achievable is Celibacy?

Church Decline in England?

I wanted to add some form of contribution to recent debate over whether there is decline in numbers worshipping in the Church of England. I took some figures from the Statistics department of the Archbishops’ Council and analysed them on a diocese by diocese basis to try and assess whether the Church was really in . . . → Read More: Church Decline in England?

Gay Marriage in Scotland

. . . → Read More: Gay Marriage in Scotland

Summer Speculation – Wycliffe Hall

Right folks, let’s chew the cud together.

After the departure of Richard Turnbull, Wycliffe Hall will shortly advertise for a new Principal. Any sensible suggestions? I have one idea but I want to hear your suggestions first, both for what is needed and who a good candidate might be.

Take it away…

. . . → Read More: Summer Speculation – Wycliffe Hall

Call Me Maybe?

Just utter genius. Gee-knee-uz.

and if you don’t get it, the original

Daniel Potter on Gay Parenting

You wait ages for a study on gay parenting to come and then loads appear round the corner at once.

Daniel Potter has published a paperin the Journal of Marriage and Family examining the issue of gay parenting from the perspective of academic gain in early years education. By using data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study—Kindergarten . . . → Read More: Daniel Potter on Gay Parenting

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