59,314 unique visitors made 162,018 page views. The top ten visited blog posts of 2009 were:

10. The Twurch of England
9. Are we about to go to War?
8. Is this a Straight Forward Lie?
7. Maltby, Women Bishops and the Twisting of Words
6. Ask Peter – Question One
5. Ruth and Naomi – An Exegesis
4. Waiting for Rowan
3. Lambeth Palace Speaks
2. Anglican Blog Rankings

and of course, the post of the news that dominated my year

1. Losing Zachary

What do I look forward to in 2010? I really don’t know. Christ willing, perhaps a new job, a new home, new challenges and new ventures. I hope to be able to share some news on some of these aspects soon but as yet the canvas is unpainted. Those willing to colour in the gaps, you know where to find me.

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