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Has Helmer got a point?

Did you read this in the Daily Mail (yes, I know) today? Helmer says the NHS should be allowed to spend money on helping homosexuals become straight. He says it is no different to NHS sex-change operations and, bizarrely, compares

Transgender Mortality Rates

Following our discussion of transgender issues last week, I’ve been looking at some research on post-transition outcomes. I’ve found this fascinating study on mortality rates “post-op” (Dhejne et al (2011); Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort

Trans Pansexuality

Watching Only Connect last night on BBC Four (we’re high-brow in the Ould household don’t ya know), I have to admit I took one look at one of the female contestants and thought “Is she or isn’t she?” To see

Transgendered Infants?

Get through the opening monologue (though it make some good points), the discussion afterwards is really interesting. H/T Parakaleo

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Gender Dysphoria on Waterloo Road

This month Waterloo Road, the BBC One “School” drama (though frankly I don’t know any school like that one) has been exploring the issue of gender dysphoria as the youngest member of the Barry family, Kasey, struggles with her gender identity.

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4Thought.TV Covers Transgender Issues

Last week, the short religious slot on Channel 4 that covers the 7pm news featured seven interviews around the area of trans-genderism. As usual with these slots there were seven vignettes of people with differing experiences and opinions. It’s not

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