Global Warming Politics – Christopher Booker in the Telegraph

Christopher Booker has a fantastic piece in the Telegraph today (HT Iain Dale) saying what statisticians like myself and scientists are increasingly pointing out – the globe ain’t warming quite like we thought it was:

The common view of the IPCC is that it consists of 2,500 of the world’s leading scientists who, after . . . → Read More: Global Warming Politics – Christopher Booker in the Telegraph

Spot the Difference

What do you think? Still some last bits of tidying up to do, but feedback here on the new look.

Will Jeffrey John make Purple after all?

Bishop David Anderson thinks there’s a chance:

With regard to "moratoria" on electing/consecrating any new homosexual bishops in the Anglican Communion, the next chance of such an election isn’t in North America. We have become aware through reliable sources that Dr. Barry Morgan is a man of his word – he previously has said, "I . . . → Read More: Will Jeffrey John make Purple after all?

Updated Sermons Page

My preaching page on this blog has been updated, with a new look which allows you to sort through my sermons and find the stuff that appeals most to you.

Pop over there and tell me what you think. I’m adding sermons in this evening, so do check back for updates.


Given that (i) McCain has picked Palin as his V-P candidate and (ii) that McCain’s health isn’t 100%, the USA has a more than nominal chance of having a female President within the next four years.

By the way, here is where she stands on social issues (from the Wikipedia article above):

Palin is pro-life.[37] . . . → Read More: Wow!!!

Iain Dale on Conservative Blogging in the UK

Iain hits the nail on the head when he highlights the problem the Conservative party has with the internet in general and bloggers in particular:

George Osborne may have mentioned the internet in a couple of speeches, but the Conservative Party as a whole has performed lamentably.

It has paid lip-service to the . . . → Read More: Iain Dale on Conservative Blogging in the UK

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If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don't like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself.
Augustine of Hippo


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