Palm Sunday 2010

Here’s my Sermon preached this morning on Jesus cleansing the Temple.


You might also appreciate this morning’s Sunday Worship on Radio 4 which came from St Mary’s, Lowe House Roman Catholic church in St Helens. Great worship, great preaching and a great testimony. Listen to it here.

. . . → Read More: Palm Sunday 2010

Fulcrum on the Los Angeles Episcopacy

In case you missed it, a tremendous response from Fulcrum. No-one can argue that they’re soft on this issue. I’ve added emphasis to what I think is the crucial call to the Archbishop of Canterbury as to what has to happen now. I agree with every word.

The bishops and Standing Committees of The Episcopal . . . → Read More: Fulcrum on the Los Angeles Episcopacy

How I Would Manage a B&B

I’ve been blogging quite a bit these past few days on issues around the Berkshire B&B which refused to let a room to a male couple. In the light of all the issues around discrimination on the grounds of orientation/behaviour and the right to freedom of expression, I thought it would be useful if I . . . → Read More: How I Would Manage a B&B

Graeme Archer on the Berkshire B&B

Absolutely loving this bit of the piece this morning on CentreRight by Graeme Archer.

There is plenty of real crime for the police to focus on – against all of us, I know, but sometimes, horribly, against gay folk in particular. I’m not someone who claims that targeted hatred of gay people is an invention, . . . → Read More: Graeme Archer on the Berkshire B&B

March 23rd 2010

As noted in other places, today a piece of law comes into force in this country.

I guess my response is simply Galatians 4:16.

Shall we carry on as before? Yes, I think so too.

In Other News…

We have a new Official Family PhotoTM. Reuben is obviously angling to be the next star of a Michelangelo fresco.

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