Follow Up on the Family Background / Lesbianism Study

As I mentioned below, I wanted to follow up the FRC research to see whether the research was statistically valid. Unfortunately the publicly available dataset does not include within it the same-sex activity data, so I decided to email Professor Sullins to get a copy of his calculations.

The below are excerpts from his email . . . → Read More: Follow Up on the Family Background / Lesbianism Study

Complaining to the ASA about the Marie Stopes Advert

I know many of you were offended by the Marie Stopes advertisement on Channel 4 on Monday. Here’s a quick guide to how to complain to the ASA.

1. Go to the ASA Website – click here

2. Enter your personal details and click next

3. Type of Advertisement is “Broadcast and Cinema”; Subtype is . . . → Read More: Complaining to the ASA about the Marie Stopes Advert

Double Standards?

Methinks John Richardson makes a marvellous point.

Some would regard the termination of the period of reception by the fiat of Synod as a job well done. Others, however, would regard it as a betrayal, not least of the talk, for the last eighteen years, of ‘two integrities’. Indeed, in this respect a decision by . . . → Read More: Double Standards?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to…

…well, watch the video and find out!

Pentecost Battle of the Bishops

Just read these two interesting blog pieces.

Firstly Bishop Alan Wilson

Pentecost does raise in acute form the question of what we really believe Christianity is. It burst on the world as a process of incarnation, God bursting out of the limits of all preconceived thought about him, and starting again.

and then Bishop Nick . . . → Read More: Pentecost Battle of the Bishops

Lesbianism and Family Breakdown

A fascinating story on the controversial LifeSiteNews website.

The Family Research Council (FRC) released a new analytic report Thursday indicating that women who did not grow up with their biological mother and father are much more likely to engage in homosexual conduct as adults than are women who grew up in an intact family.

“This research . . . → Read More: Lesbianism and Family Breakdown

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