Two Important Papers - Ten Years On

Back at the start of the “noughties” two papers were published that explored issues around Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE). The first, by Robert Spitzer who was part of the Task Force on the APA that removed homosexuality from the DSM was finally published in 2003, but was researched earlier. The second by Shidlo and . . . → Read More: Two Important Papers – Ten Years On

Best EVER Eurovision Song

OK, tonight is the Eurovision Song Contest. For those not familiar with this cultural delight, countries in the European Broadcasting Union submit a song and then we all vote on which is the best. There is absolutely no bias in the voting and under no circumstances do countries like Greece and Cyprus consistently give each . . . → Read More: Best EVER Eurovision Song

Wycliffe Hall – A Flashback

Here’s the Christian Today report from five years ago.

Britain’s leading evangelical college is facing increasing criticism, and not just from outside detractors.

Since a new principal took over last year at Wycliffe Hall, one of seven private Christian schools at the University of Oxford, more than half of its faculty have resigned. Critics charge . . . → Read More: Wycliffe Hall – A Flashback

Lesley Pilkington on Channel Four News

Two videos, first the report then an interview.

Interestingly she quotes the Spitzer research which is slightly dubious. Shame she didn’t refer to Jones and Yarhouse.

. . . → Read More: Lesley Pilkington on Channel Four News

Lesley Pilkington’s Appeal Fails

Quelle Surprise. John Bingham in the Telegraph has the news.

A conduct hearing last year ruled that Mrs Pilkington had fallen short of professional standards by making “premature and reckless” diagnoses.

An appeal panel yesterday threw out a number of adverse findings against Mrs Pilkington but found that she had failed to take enough steps . . . → Read More: Lesley Pilkington’s Appeal Fails

Flash Mob – Russian Style

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